Alice Street
Spiritualist Church

of Portland, Oregon, USA

Sunday,March 23rd , 2014

Guest Intuitive:Ani Avedissian
Ani Avedissian is mainly known as an intuitive specializing in energy work for people and places. She teaches a variety of subjects in her workshops such as Light Body Healing , Land and Space Clearing , and, just for fun, Incense and Hocus Pocus . Her goal is to help you to eliminate fear and to return your default setting to joy.
She has done this work one way or another for about 30 years and has come to the conclusion that all our problems can be traced back to one thing - our false sense of separation from God.
web site:  

Guests intuitives who attend services
Pam Ballo
Pam works with people around the world, enthusiastically sharing her passion and life-changing successes with energy alignment for individuals and organizations. One of the ways she does this is by allowing some very powerful and loving beings to use her voice and her body to communicate with people and help them heal what they need. These beings show up as ascended masters. They have a sweet kindness and playfulness – so that everything in life is play, even when it’s serious, and divine jokes are all around, and laughter is healing and holy. Some people refer to this work as ‘supernatural coaching’. The joyful nature of the energy combined with the clarity and accuracy of the information conveyed continue to provide relief and healing to clients. Pam holds a Master’s Degree from Stanford University, a Bachelor's Degree from UC Davis. For more info: http://www.

Brad Reed
Brad's discovery of his gifts as a Psychic Medium arrived with the whack of a cosmic 2 x 4. It opened his third eye to the reality of what's beyond that thin veil that separates us from the other side. He had been able to "see" the residuals of past life traumas for years, but never was really sure what to do with that ability. After being opened,he was faced with not only developing his skills, but integrating this new found reality with his Electrical Engineering background - a struggle he still faces daily. Along his path he's been trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Matrix Energetics, and Pranic Healing. He is an ordained Healing Minister, and holds a Washington State Massage Practitioner's License. In the latter half of '05, he found "his people" when he stumbled across the Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association in Southern California.His discovery of the Church of Alice has provided him a new opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, and continue his path of spiritual enfoldment.

Terri Daniel

Terri Daniel is a channeler,  hospital chaplain and death awareness educator. Her first book,  A Swan in Heavenwas based on dialogs with her son  from the Other Side, after his death at age 16. Terri is a Certified Transition Guide who counsels dying and bereaved individuals throughout the U.S., offering alternative perspectives on death, dying and the afterlife.  

She is also the found of the Afterlife Education Foundation, which produces the annual Afterlife Awareness Conference, which is coming to Portland June 5-8, 2014.

Phone: 503-387-5092

Rita MacGowan Jones
Rita has been a powerful medium since early life in Glasgow, Scotland, where she was born and brought up. She now lives in Arazona. Her past life takes her back to the Battle of Langside in 1566 where Mary Queen of Scots was defeated outside Glasgow. She is guided by her Chinese Guide. You should not miss this opportunity to meet and hear a powerful medium who 'talks' in the tradition of mediumship in Britain . She has written a fascinating book on her life entitled "Whispering in the Dark". If you want a copy of her book, get in touch with her.
Tel: 520 307 1509

Areanne Lloyd
Areanne is a trance channel. She channels 'The Guides', a group energy who have spoken through her for over 20 years. They are primarily concerned with showing us how each of us, individually, can live from our true nature.  So they talk to us about the misunderstandings, the things we’ve inherited from our society and our culture, that have prevented us from being our truest and best selves.  They open our eyes and our hearts to truths that help us dissolve the obstacles to our joy. In addition to doing phone readings for clients all over the country, Areanne produces two half-hour channeling shows each month for the local cable access channels 11 and 21 on Comcast.  Schedules and air dates can be found at  The Guides are here to talk to you, about you, about your life and your concerns. You are invited to come to the service and be prepared to ask a question.
503 941 9371
e-mail: areanne(at)

Mark Dodich Astrologer and Intuitive
Mark Dodich has been an astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980.

He is seen regularly in the media and runs a busy international practice based in Portland, Oregon. In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in Relocation Astrology maps to help you find your best location to live, and Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology to help you better understand your spiritual purpose. Mark also leads metaphysical trips to sacred places and is currently preparing a journey to Greece in 2011.
More details on Mark's bio, upcoming classes, current astrology forecast and free pdf downloads are at
503 252 1558 E-mail:

Sandi Buchanan "Radient Journeys-Innovative Healing"

From the age of 4, I remember “seeing” angels and people who were no longer “alive” in their physical bodies and could always “feel” if people were nice, angry, sad or unsafe. By the age of 13, I was receiving messages from my angel guides and helping people as they "crossed" over to communicate with those left behind.  After my father passed away in 2002, my healing process led me to discover the powerful aura imaging system that utilized Bio-feedback. Since then I experienced an expansion of my intuition that has continued to evolve and serve people stuck or lost on their personal journeys through life. 
Sandi can be reached at
,or tel: 360.904.7888

Cynthia Slon
Cynthia has a divine gift as a Telepathic Intermediary and Deep Channel Medium." I am enveloped with love to inspire others to follow their destiny through messages of universal importance. Studies of the esoteric arts include aura viewing, past life regression, psychometry, transchanneling, telepathy and medical intuition. I am a Mentor and teacher of workshops and classes, and in turn studied with several teachers including Apryl Douglas, author of “Developing Your Psychic Abilities”.
 I have been interviewed on television and in print media, including Simply Spiritual and the New Connexion, Journal of Conscious Evolution.  

I utilize the energetic patterning by accessing the universal collective present within the grids and auric fields of all dimensional presence.  As a telepathic intermediary I am honored with this unique gift in receiving information and communication to each individual including the Indigo/Psychic children of the World. Direction is provided involving their soul's purpose; health; career; relationships; creative gifts; future endeavors; past lives; spirit guides; loved ones present and those that have moved on including their beloved pets

I channel the receiver's guides referring to future and past events linked; seeing auric energy patterns and blockages, as well as revealing inner tools connected to a higher power.   With an open heart of trust and deep gratitude, I am divinely guided in the process of assisting in raising the collective vibration, striving to make planetary healing a reality."Phone: (503) 347 6766
web site:

e-mail: cyns999(at)

Devra Ann Jacobs
Devra has been a practicing intuitive counselor for over 28 years. With her unique connection with Arch Angel Michael that began at the age of 6, she gets a multidimensional view of what is happening on all the dimensions of someone’s life. Devra and Michael read your energies, guides, spirits, and occasionally your loved ones who have passed over. With this approach your reading shifts as you shift. The moment you change what you are thinking the dimension of the reading changes, too.  She hears the words from Michael and your assistants and relays them directly to you.

Francesca Fleming
Francesca Flemming is a medical intuitive and healer with over 20 years of
practice. With these gifts, I choose to share with others, to teach their individual balance and
inspire them to joy. I have mentored with C. Myss, B. Brennan, D. Eden, Eric Pearl, B. Secuda and a few shamans. I hold mastery in vibrational healing, Usui & Karuna Reiki. For more information go to
About medical intuition
The 'pictures' I see about your template are guided. I receive your spiritual, physical, emotional and, sometimes, mental vibratory states. I also receive information concerning your aura and chakras which can show what illness may be happening now and in the future. It is very specific physical and energetic information from your Soul. Readings tend to explain how and why what is happening and how to correct conditions.
Be in JOY!

Linda Cahan
Linda Cahan has her feet firmly planted in two worlds - the spiritual and retail design. After graduating from Syracuse University, she started her career in retail visual design and has worked in visual merchandising and store design as a consultant, speaker, trainer and author for over 30 years.  She has authored three books as well as seven custom visual standards manuals for major retail corporations. In the mid-70’s Linda started developing her psychic abilities as well as studying and practicing palmistry. With her long time interest in psychology, she developed her skills as a psychic and intuitive counselor.
During the early 90’s Linda started learning about Feng Shui . In 2005 she published “Feng Shui for Retailers”. Linda currently continues her work as a retail design consultant, does Feng Shui consultations, gives seminars around the world, writes, trains and does readings from her home and at New Renaissance Bookstore once a month.
Living in West Linn, OR, Linda can be reached via email: or through her website:

Dianna May
Dianna May is a natural healer and intuitive as well as an ordained metaphysical minister, a laser reiki master, a biofeedback therapist and is certified in brain gym. She went to Brazil in 2001 where John of God opened her throat chakra and gifted her with ancient languages, the interpretation of them, shamanic abilities, and expanded her gifts as a healing medium with the knowledge of the source of dis-ease.
She gives spiritual counsel as it comes through her and is currently creating a healing CD sung in the ancient languages that carries a vibrational field that touches souls. Dianna does in person and distance healings and readings, and is available to participate in healing concerts.  

Dianna's contact is or 503-324-8962. 


Angelica Rose
Angelica Rose has been a Gifted Essence Training Specialist since 1991 and is a Certified Hypnotist who operates on the Angelic plane. She was spiritually ordained in India in
2005 and is the author of “Living Life as You Always Dreamed,” and “The New Secrets to Running a Successful Business,” as well as a number of inspirational CDs .

She receives Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient messages from guides and Angels, channels messages as a medium and does Chakra Readings and Hypnosis using colors.  Angelica reads the energy field of her clients and works on the emotional, mental and physical plane to see if it is in harmony with their current spiritual mission.

Her website is:

Bev Martin
Bev Martin is a gifted medium and clairvoyant.
In her native homeland of South Africa, she was recognized by the Honorable wisdom keeper of the Zulu people, Credo Mutwe, who in 1991 initiated her "Noku Kanya," meaning "eldest daughter of light." She enhanced her natural gift by training with several highly regarded teachers and serving as a medium in a spiritual setting.
Bev is known for the wisdom and quality of her intuitive readings. She serves as an instrument for you to hear the voice of your Higher Self, Guides, and loved ones on the "other side." She insists that each individual is capable of listening to their inner voice for guidance, wellness and wisdom.

Tel: 503 640 0753

web site:

Dave Markowitz
Dave Markowitz is a spiritual Healer, and the author of "Healing with Source - a spiritual guide to mind-body medicine". Dave has been studying Alternative Medicine for almost 20 years, training in multiple disciplines, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Qi-Gong, and Theraputic Touch. He offers instruction in a powerful 3-step procedure that he received,which has effectively reversed the symptoms of chronic fatigue and more with just a few days of practice. As time allows, Dave will do live readings and on-the-spot healings. His website is

Candia Sanders
Candia uses her gifts to inspire and uplift people. She has insight, clairvoyance, and precognition and she uses her ability to see within the mental, emotional and physical to rebalance and realign old injuries and frequencies for positive shifts and wellness.
She rebalances the various aspects that aligns the person, with clarity, and a focus on conscious behavior. Candia’s main target ishelping others to open up to their own consciousness.
She teaches classes and workshops. Visit her website for inspirational stories and descriptions of readings at Te
l: 360-608-9555

Margi Lantos
As an Intuitive Counselor, Medium, Healer and Teacher, Margi Lantos has helped individuals for many years, aspire to their full potential with love and grace. Connecting with Angels and loved ones beyond the veil, is "one of life's greatest gifts", she says. Through her business, Spiritual Bridges, Margi offers workshops, lectures and readings to allow spirit to guide ones individuality to a profound sense of awareness. Awakening one's spirit of empowerment. She has a powerful presence on local television.
For more information:

Tel: 503 722 8631

Sarah Lambert

Sarah Lambert is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Psychic Intuitive.  She is guided by a strong intuition to use her hands for healing. She has became proficient in many forms of bodywork, combining them into a distinctly unique and effective massage style.

In January 2009 she had a psychic awakening.  This integrated itself immediately with her bodywork, creating a new level of conscious body/spirit healing.  Working through clothing, Sarah will "read" the body, explaining the Higher messages of physical experiences, and providing guidance on one's life journey.  As she speaks, her hands serve to communicate these messages on both physical and energetic levels, ensuring your body's integration of the psychic guidance. Because her work is primarily about connecting the spirit messages as they manifest in the body, she will be leading everyone in a meditation to check in with their bodies, where they feel pain, and what memories or emotions come with this. She will then speak to individuals about their physical pain and it's higher message
 Visit her web site,

Cathy Pfeil
I believe that All is One and All is Now.  After a spiritual awakening in 1988 my life became focused on one idea; that I could experience connectedness to source; in my body, in this time, right now, whatever the circumstances.  I am continually expanding my understanding of what it means to stand in the waterfall of Spirit.   It has led me through the healing and intuitive arts, into mystery school and now I am simply living the mystery.  I am a medical intuitive and  spiritual teacher.  I know that people are already perfect, and my job is to assist them to reveal that perfection. 
I live in Olympia, Washington and see clients there in-person and I am available for an appointment by phone.  My healing meditation CD Sacred Temple and my book, Letters to Anna, Conversations with an Indigo Child are available on my website. 360-459-5026

Kathleen Dering
Kathleen is a gifted psychic who has given readings for over thirty years. She has featured in numerous local publications, had a radio show on KEX, and has taught classes on enhancing our natural intuitive abilities.She has worked on missing person cases on behalf of families.
"I believe the purpose of my gift is to provide insights into the journey aheadof you and those who share your path.We must remember that it is not the destination as much as the passageway we choose to travel, and the potential possibilities that lie ahead".
Tel: 360 835 3618

Marie Friend
Marie Friend was born and raised in England. From an early age she attended Spiritualist Churches, so mediumship and paranormal events became a part of her formative years. However, it was not until she reached mid-life that she became convinced of reincarnation. She discovered her ability to 'tune into' other peoples' past lives. She learnt the meaning of Karma; "What ye sow , also ye will reap". She believes she has been given the gift of vision in order to help people understand that Karmic patterns are repeated in order to assist in the growth of the Spirit, and to follow the Soul's path in this life time. Through showing people their past, she is able to help them with their future.

Jessica Maxwell
Jessica Maxwell is the author of the award-winning spiritual memoir " Roll Around Heaven" (Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster, 2010), an unexpected debut into the spiritual genre following a career as a journalist, adventure writer, traveler and exuberant fisherwoman.

Jessica had an intense spiritual awakening triggered by the passing of her father, who appeared simultaneously to her and her sister, 1000 miles away. Her book chronicles the extraordinary experiences that led to her transformation from militant agnostic to clairvoyant spiritual healer.  Her website is or

Jim Hyndman a medium from Scotland.
As a child, my intuition was always strong, but my gift lay dormant for years. As an adult, I strted to explore my potential; to see if I really could work with the Spirit world. I began my journey when I heard about Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in England, and enrolled for the beginner’s course in Mediumship. That week forever changed my way of looking at life and death.  I found that I could receive messages from those who had crossed over and give those messages to people I had never met.  In addition, the discipline of mind I learned through meditation was astounding.  Sitting in the Power, a method of meditation where one deeply connects with Spirit, helped me get clearer messages and to further understand this exciting process. I now reach out to others in need of comfort and validation that their loved ones are alive and well on the Other Side.

Susan Wiley
Susan Wiley has been an intuitive teacher for twenty years and has worked with various healthcare professionals including: psychologists, chiropractors, internists, and acupuncturists.
 Susan has participated in research on remote healing and energy medicine. She has studied shamanic healing and the practice of “walking between the worlds”. Susan has taught classes and seminars at various organizations, including churches, medical offices and the University of Portland. 
Susan Wiley, Naturally Intuitive LLC, can be reached at:

Lynn Scott

For over fifteen years, Lynn has been helping people throughout the
Northwest. For the past three years, Lynn's work has focused on her writing. She is presently working on her 3rd book, "Afterlife, Wisdom for the Living"
She will be discussing stories from 21 people on the other side, sharing their insights and wisdom for people living on this side, and helping us lead more fulfilling lives.
Additionally, Lynn will open a channell to Spirit to answer questions for attendees. Powerful and insightfull!
For more information about Lynn's work, please visit her website, AFTER WISDOM as well as her daily blog

Sara Wiseman
Author, channel and psychic counselor, Sara Wiseman experienced a spiritual awakening in 2008, when she received The 33 Lessons via channeled writing—a collection of spiritual teachings which begin “The purpose of life is soul growth.”
These writings are part of her book Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing (Llewellyn). A second book, Divine Child, will be released in 2010. During this time, her intuitive abilities fully opened. She offers workshops on the West coast, as well as private readings at, or in person in Portland and Salem. She also participates in regional psychic events, such as Body Mind Spirit Expo, International Association for Near Death Experiences, and Portland’s Wellness & Psychic Fair.
An award-winning singer/songwriter, she's released three healing CDS with her band Martyrs of Sound, Mantra Chill, Uncoiled and Songs for Loving & Dying

Jim Alan
Jim Allen will be appearing again on popular demand. He channels powerful healing energy from the Angels of Elohim, who are the creators of the 'white light worlds' within the universe. These energies are know to heal emotional, psychological and physical traumas. They also clear and energize the body's major energy centers, commonly know as Charkras. Jim directly channels into his body Archangels and Ascended Masters, who bring about healing and balance for the subject of his healing. He will be talking about healing and will also give some psychic readings.

Tel: 503 593 1884

e-mail: gabriel444(at)

Alexandra Roberts
As a psychic I combine my background in counseling psychology and extensive training as a clairvoyant reader. My focus is on helping empower you to heal and achieve your goals.  I have experience with past life readings, Akashic record healings and communication with deceased loved ones . I do not read the future but rather will work with you to remove energetic blocks that may be keeping you from your goals.  I will be available to answer personal questions and strive to provide concrete, practical tools you can use in your daily life.

Jon Paxman
is a passionate advocate of the healing power of nature. With a love of minerals, trees and animals, he seeks to restore the balance between our tribal past and digital future. Using ancient tools and simple means to make sense out of an ever changing world, Jon's gift is an ability to teach with heart and humor. Join him for an evening discussion on the use of crystals for healing and Tel: 503 890 8185

Ruby Gallagher

Ruby has been a professional Energy Healer and Psychic since 1992. She is a light trance channel and she works with two spirit entities.

One is 'Sivlerah' who likes to deal with questions of health and also other life times. Silverah can help people on the personal level as well as their life purpose.
The other spirit entity is called 'Ari' who takes over the physical body of Ruby and she becomes a full trance medium. This spirit is fun, and likes to give words of wisdom on relationships, employment, education and other mundane but important things in peoples lives.

Tel: 503 901 0169

Suzanne Jauchius

Suzanne is an 'intuitive consultant' and a resident of West Linn. She is well known In Portland circles as a gifted psychometrist. This is the gift of holding something belonging to the subject that allows her to 'read' her subject.
Suzanne is known for her forensic work for the police and other law enforcement agencies, and in solving cases of missing persons. If you want an in-depth curriculum vitae of Suzanne, read the article on her in the 'Portland Magazine" Winter 2002 and the
article on her in the Portland Tribune on April 30th 2002, by clicking here.
Tel: 503 655 2631
e-mail: appointments(at)
Web site:

Sean Topping
Certified Past-Life Regression Facilitator Working to balance the polarities of reason and intuition, Sean has studied science and mathematics as well as metaphysics and spirituality. After 3 years of Engineering school, he completed a B.A. in Anthropology and spent 2 years working in the alternative medicine field. During the past 12 years he has devoted his spare time to the study of the extra-terrestrial phenomena, channeling, and past-life regressive hypnosis, all while working by day as an Engineer in the high-tech field.  He is a guest lecturer at San Jose State University in the Comparative Religions department. Sean will be channeling a celestial being known as Orion for a healing exercise as well as answering questions from the audience.

Rita MacGowan Jones
Rita has been a powerful medium since early life in Glasgow, Scotland, where she was born and brought up. She now lives in Arazona. Her past life takes her back to the Battle of Langside in 1566 where Mary Queen of Scots was defeated outside Glasgow. She is guided by her Chinese Guide. You should not miss this opportunity to meet and hear a powerful medium who 'talks' in the tradition of mediumship in Britain . She has written a fascinating book on her life entitled "Whispering in the Dark". If you want a copy of her book, get in touch with her.
Tel: 520 578 0976

Gabriele Schoening

Gabriele grew up in Germany and studied sacred traditions with various spiritual teachers in Europe, North America and India since 1985. She lived in England and moved to the Pacific North West in 1998. Gabriele is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, an Intuitive and a Minister of the Universal Life Church with a background in Social Work and Counseling.
She combines her intuitive skills with Matrix Energetics, a method of transformation, where old energy patterns collapse at the quantum level and new energy patterns unfold. Because on a quantum level there is only light and information directed by consciousness, our positive intent becomes a vessel for transformation.
She can be reached at 971-251 0477 or
e-mail Website

Leah Light

Leah, published author and empathic healer,  has been giving readings and healings professionally since 1992.  She trained with the Center for Healing Arts in Portland in the early 90’s. This was mainly for her own personal growth; it was not her idea at the time to make a career of it. To her delight, she found that her intuitive gifts expanded and grew with use. She has an office in Tigard, where she offers individual sessions (as well as doing these by phone), and a twice-monthly meditation and healing circle.    As an ordained minister, Leah performs weddings, funerals, and other rites in the greater Portland/Vancouver metro areas.
 Web site: Tel: 503 628 8518

Heidi Crain

I have been a RN for 14 years and along the journey into western medicine I experienced my own healing crises: two open-heart surgeries.  Out of this personal experience came an expanded life vision that has led me into the healing arts.
I've studied and practiced various energy medicine modalities including Reiki, Shamanism and chakra readings among others.  All of these experiences have led me to the BodyTalk System. Body Talk blends eastern philosophies with western knowledge with AMAZING results!  I have never seen a more comprehensive energy system that addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each person and their environment.  For more information about Heidi and what she has to offer . Go to

Cherry Divine
After her awakening, Cherry re-connected with the energy of her Ancient Self. This awakened her psychic & clairvoyant abilities, and her gift as a vessel of communication for inter-dimensional beings, who's work is to bring mankind into the knowledge of their higher selves. During personal readings and workshops, guided messages are given not only to answer the day to day personal questions, guidance is given to bring in the awareness of the Divine Self that is each persons truest self. For over five years Cherry has been a favorite guest on several metaphysical radio programs in San Francisco and Washington state. Until recently she co-hosted her own radio program Insights, which aired from Seattle WA.
Cherry Divine telephone:541-924-1955
Web site:

David Michael Hash
How do the Ancient Mystical Arts of sacred geometry work? The ancients discovered deeper connections with the Soul through metaforms or sacred geometry. What can metaforms do for me in my daily life? They can enhance your vibration and light body, but they can do more. Why should we move to higher vibration? Come and listen to David Michael.The Universe is moving forward and making a new direction for our world. How long does it take to clear our vibrations permanently? ...days, months, or years. Sacred vibrations can raise our frequencies fast. This is now vital to our planet and to mankind. So why not learn a faster way?
Peaceful Heart Alchemy Tel: 503 913 2893


Renee is a noted psychic medium, teacher and healer. She has appeared on many TV shows, including regular appearances on AM Northwest, and has been heard on the popular radio stations Z100, KUPL and KEX.
Although she covers a wide range of services, Renee is most sought after for her mediumship skills, which she lovingly uses to connect clients to their lost loved ones, and to provide life readings to clients via their spirit guides and angels. She also regularly teaches a variety
of psychic and spiritual development classes, which can be found on her website at: All classes are geared toward assisting each student in discovering and developing their own gifts.

Tracie Mahan
Tracie Mahan is a Psychic medium, and Reiki Master. She comes from an intuitive family. Her 18 year spiritual and intuitive development journey assists her in connecting with crossed over loved ones guides, angels, and Ascended Masters. Tracie then delivers the message that is in the person’s best and highest good.  She is a dedicated healer and this emphasis surrounds all of her endeavors.Tracie has studied with Peggy Keating, Lauren Simons, Karen Curry, Jim Allen, among many other wonderful intuitive teachers. She has performed intuitive readings at the Body Mind Spirit Expo. Her work as a psychic medium and Reiki healer are featured in the The Northern Woods  Paranormal web publication.
Tracie and her business partner Lori Seeborg, have created Dynamic Awakenings a holistic healing and wellbeing  center that features Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Spiritual and Life Coaching, Intuitive Readings and  workshops. They are ordained ministers with Progressive Universal Life Church, are experienced with creating and officiating weddings. Tel: 503 680 2407 Tel:503 750 4866

Roger and Diane Givens
Roger and Diane Givens are certified Soul Healing Teachers and Healers of Master Zhi Gang Sha, Extraordinary Healer, Spiritual Leader and New York Times Best selling author of Soul Mind Body Medicine; Soul Wisdon and Soull Communication. "Everything has a soul" is Master Sha's core teraching in these books, "Heal the soul first; then, healing of the mind and body will follow." Roger and Diane teach a series of workshops, offer private Soul Healing sessions over the phone and do Divine Direct Soul Communication readings. They have the authority to read the Akashic records and to connect with all realms of the soul world.
At this service, they will talk about Master Sha and give group and individual healings.
Call them at 503 585 0258 to schedule a workshop, private s
ession or soul communication

Suzi Southworth
Suzi works at a high vibration of channeled clarity. Her work is a culmination of a life-long way of being. She lives by her intuition and spiritual guidance. Spirit guides, angels, pets and loved ones who have crossed over speak and share with Suzi as she assists you to heal and grow spiritually. Suzi helps you access your own intuition and spirit guides. Suzi sees you, hears you, and helps you connect on a deeper level to your authentic life path. She channels accurate, transforming, personal messages for your greater higher good and deepest joy.
Tel: 503 922 0499
web site:

Dawn Lianna, MA,
has been intuitive since birth and her skills were enhanced by three challenging near-death experiences. Dawn teaches workshops on how to get in touch with your intuition and your guides and angels.  She is a channel for the loving fun sage Lao Tzu and the angelic realm.   She has an easy going, fun and loving style.   Dawn Lianna is the author of  3 Daily OM Courses on Angels, Lao Tzu Now and The Tao Te Ching, The Art of Happiness.  
Intuition Trainer, and Reader

Bill & Ferne Abbott
will give a talk on spiritualism in the UK, and the concern of recent legislation of the European Union against Mediums, requiring Mediums to prove that they are actually communicating with someone on the other side. They will be showing a short video of Geoff and Al Potts of the Bournmouth Spiritualist Church, UK, giving an update on this disturbing trend against spiritualism and mediums. This legislation is designed to suppress spiritualism in Europe. Will this spread to the USA?


From the time I was little, I'd have dreams that would occasionally come true.   In August of 1996 after a series of very powerful healing sessions with Dr. Eric Scott Pearl, I came home one night to have an out-of-body experience during which I re-entered my body so hard it threw me forward in bed.  From that moment on, things got "interesting".  I started hearing voices, having visions, and just knew things I shouldn't know.   I studied channeling with Shawn Randall to learn how to better handle the energies that were coming to me spontaneously.  I got my professional jump start in New Mexico in the spring of 2006 when I worked at my first psychic faire in Albuquerque. 
website and phone (323) 481-5888.

Amen Ra

  Amen Ra, world traveler, has a long standing practice as a renowned psychic here and abroad. Three years ago whist in Turkey she had a serious stroke but has made a remarkable recovery. She has toured Egypt many times and had an actual initiation in the Great Pyramid in the King's sarcophagus.  She will also be giving intuitive readings.
Tel: 503 253 2054E-MAIL:amenra88

Sharon Wyeth
Sharón Wyeth is returning again. Last time she was here she gave each person their strengths and challenges by deciphering their name. This time, she will use her gifts as a spiritual conduit to access the group, and then answer one question per person.Sharon works with a team that she named ''The LightKeepers'. The LightKeepers are a group of Spiritual entities that represent both Eastern and Western philosophy. The LightKeepers' goal is to empower us, so we can make wiser decisions for ourselves.
web site:www. 210 355 6115

Frank van Waardenburg
Frank has been working in insurance and financial services since 1986. About 3 years ago, he began lecturing on the Mayan Calendar as a prophetic tool. He used it along with other tools, to predict that the financial meltdown would occur including the housing crash and a rise in commodity prices, and gold and oil. He will give a brief overview of how the Mayan Calendar works as a prophetic tool. He will discuss his own opinions about what 2012 may mean relative to our conscious shift.Tel: 503 319 038
6 e-mail: frankktalkk(at)

Raymond Tarpey

Raymond Tarpey is a historian whose areas of research are Mayan/Aztec, Anasazi, Japanese, and Chinese history and spirituality. This background, and information from Edgar Cayce’s readings, has led him also to do major work on the "lost continents" of ancient Atlantis & Mu/Lemuria.
Raymond holds an MA degree in Chinese History and Language (1973) from St. John’s University. He is also an accomplished linguist, fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, and is a student of Mayan languages and classical Aztec Nahuatl.
Raymond will be talking about "Sacred Calandar Prophecies for the 2012 Galactic era".


Leila Bronson & Teresa de Bellis
Leila Bronson is a Metaphysician, Channeler, Reader, Teacher and Healer with crystals, touch and color.  Over the past 40 years she has studied all aspects of metaphysics with the help of her spirit guide, Mathew.  She acts as a channel for St. Germaine and Chief Joseph.  This coming Sunday, she will channel St. Germaine.

She has dedicated her life to facilitating and assisting with the ascension of this planet in these times of change and transitional energy.  She was recently guided to this area to work with the recent Vortexes opening up here as the Goddess energy returns.
Visit :  Phone: (360) 823-7288.

Teresa de Bellis is a channel for Buddha. She has been working directly with Buddha since 2001, but has ‘heard’ his guidance since childhood. Teresa was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Bay Area, has a B.A. in Literature from Western Washington University, and currently works with children. She graduated from the Inner Vision Center for Psychic Reading in 1992 and has given readings in a number of metaphysical bookstores since then. 

Goddess Claire

I have been blessed with the ability to hear Spirit Guides and Angels, along with the Rocks and Crystals of the Mineral Kingdom and to pass this knowledge on. When I do readings, I include information such as past or current life issues with suggestions and guidance as to how to help . Spirit Guides may suggest crystals that would be helpful in the healing process; to wear, carry, or to place in your surroundings (work, home, etc). The mineral kingdom always has great insights as to what is happening in peoples lives and I help them on their journey in making positive changes.
I have been drawn to Crystals all my life and found that they talk with me, and I share with everyone the wisdom and insights from the realms of Spirit.
503 962 9251

Dr. Geri de Stefano-Webre Ph.D.

Geri De Stefano-Webre, Ph.D. is an Intuitive Transpersonal therapist with a private practice in Vancouver and Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada.
She is a speaker, teacher and reader currently touring widely in both the United States and Canada. Her current areas of interest are Spiritual Emergence and phase-of-life transitions.
Her 35 year career has spanned a number of diverse areas including founding a pilot program in California in the field of adoption, developing programs funded in the Yukon Territories for delivering healing services to Aboriginal children and families and Directorship of The West Broadway Healing Centre in Vancouver. Additionally, she has been a guest on radio and television, over the years, in the US and Canada. She was born in California in 1947, educated at U.C. Berkeley, has two amazing daughters and in 1998 immigrated to Canada with her husband, Alfred Webre.

e-mail: DrPsychic(at)

Brian Scibetta
Brian was a 16 year old schoolboy from Lake Oswego when he first came to the Church of Alice. He possesses some extraordinary psychic abilities. He was given the ability to heal physical, emotional and spiritual sickness, to the extent that God will allow; also to see and describe a person's past lives, and communicate with those who have departed from this world. During his meditation he asked people in the congregation to state their questions and he 'relayed' answers from the spirit world.

Esther Arce
Esther Arce is a psychic astrologer with over five years professional reading experience. Esther combines her extensive astrological knowledge with her strong intuitive abilities when looking at your natal chart, past, current and future transits, in order to guide you along your path. Her readings are always positive and uplifting, helping you to see possibilities that might not be so obvious. Whether you are looking for confirmation or needing direction, Esther's readings are always insightful and direct.Tel: 503 828 1056

E-mail: info

Lynn Mystic Healer
All human beings from any race or religion have an eternal wise Soul that is all love and light energy connected to their breath. Everyone breathing is connected. This is a how to Let go and Let God (inner guidance, angels, spirit guides help you process). Lynn Mystic Healer, will teach people how to use their Soul energy matrix and talk directly to their own deceased relatives (pets), angels, spirit guides and master teachers who are waiting to help them. All answers for healing one’s self and this planet are within each person’s own Soul connections. Learn how to astral travel to past lives, or future times with your own angels. Find your soul purpose, and how to use your own psychic (intuitive) powers, and open all your chakras connected to your Soul Internet.
Lynn Mystic-Healer is a former RN (US and Canada) & LMT; 33Years in Healing Arts & Peacework; author of Dreams, Past Lives, Holy Spirits, Your Soul; Angels Know All and Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook

Leslie Zemenek  

Leslie Zemenek is a seer and spiritual counselor helping indididuals, couples and groups of all kinds understand and balance past life patterns and experiences. She has been reading professionally since 1993. Leslie is an ordained minister and has Moon in Pices in the 9th House and multiple gift makings on both hands. She is versed in Karmic Astrology, Hand Reading, Mythology and the Kabbalah. A painter and a poet, Leslie believes creativity will save the world.By reading a distinct set of markers in the natal chart, Leslie uncovers past life stories and offers specific and practical step to help you overcome kartmic patterns.
She gives private readings, lectures and teaches Palmistry workshops in the Portland area.Tel: 503 234 7643 leslie(at)

Ruth Miller Ph.D
"Metaphysics for the 21st Centuary"

Ruth L. Miller earned the doctorate in systems science from Portland State University integrating intuition and analysis in impact assessment and decisionmaking. Her M.S. in cybernetic systems from San Jose State University was earned with a thesis integrating intuitive methods in systems planning. She has served as adjunct faculty at Antioch University-Seattle, Marylhurst University, Portland State University, as well as the Living Enrichment Institute, and New West Seminary—receiving the highest evaluations for her classes. She is currently being a "circuit riding preacher," serving New Thought and Unitarian-Universalist churches in Oregon, Washington, and California. She is the author of 150 Years of Healing, and her most recent book is Unveiling Your Hidden Power, introducing the teachings and practice of Emma Curtis Hopkins, the teacher who taught the founders of the New Thought churches.

Jessica Bryan
Jessica went to the Philippines to receive healing from Filipino psychic surgeons and faith healers.
Much to her surprise, she was also given the gift to perform healing by the laying on of hands. She is writing a memoir about these experiences. She is also a minister of the Faith in God Spiritual Church. She will be speaking about spiritualism, psychic healing and John of God, who she visited recently here in Atlanta. She will be performing healing at the service.

541 396 5630 - e-mail: editor (at)

Marva Easterly M.A.
Marva is a Universal Channel, Medium and Gaiadon Master. She uses her spiritual gifts and 25 years of spiritual training to help empower others to reach their full potential and achieve their own spiritual mastery.
She channels the Ascended Masters, Personal Spirit Guides, Individual Higher Selves and the Deceased to help affect understanding and permanent change for her clients. She is also trained in Past Life Regression Therapy.
Each private session is tailored for the specific individual's need Marva also facilitates the Gaiadon Heart teachings, which are a series of highly advanced meditations and initiations that prepare one's light body for ascension. The Gaiadon Heart Seminars take one into the deepest realms of inner consciousness, where divinity is found, where the spiritual and the physical integrate.
For more information contact Marva at: 503-788-3151 or

Tanya Banton
Tanya Banton, is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient intuitive reader and Reiki Master. She started life as a psychic sensitive child, suppressed it like a good girl, then reawakened at the Center for Healing Arts (previously on Belmont) in the mid 80's. For over 20 years, she enjoyed reading, and releasing, negative energies and limiting beliefs from the chakras and aura, clearing herself and others. She also utilizes the energy and information found in breath work, Arch Angels, fairies, Feng Shui, chanting, Shamanism, past lives, passed loved ones, and DNA healing, to lead her to the happiest vibrations imaginable.
Come smile, laugh, learn and get a hug from the "Funnest and Funniest" psychic around.
Tanya is available for private readings, call 503-421-6270 or email: lovetanyab

Sarai St. Julien

Sarai St.Julien is an intuitive reader, life coach and teacher of dreamwork and meditation.
She focuses on helping people make decisions, resolve grief, and cope with anxiety. She uses the Tarot, her knowledge of dreams and symbols and the aide of her healing guides to help others explore the meaning of people and events in their lives. Her focus is on mpowering others to understand and fulfill their life purpose.
Sarai is the owner of Titania Moon Intuitive Consulting. Tel: 503 224 3398

Rob Abbott
Rob Abbott is a gifted psychic and medium. On his last visit, he gave a fascinating talk about spirits on the other side, how to recognise your own psychic ability, and did some platform mediumship and medical intuition. He is a truely interesting speaker about the spirit world.
On this occassion, he will be giving a talk and demonstration on opening your own psychic ability.E-mail: robabbott2002(at)

Sharon Rose Jensen & Gary Morris
Sharon and Gary create a Dynamic Team. Their male and female energies synergistically combine in deeply felt heart activations and transformative healing sessions. They work together to activate the Heart Center and open numerous energy channels. Sharon gets her logical mind out of the way and surrenders to Spirit which guides her moment by moment. In a healing, Sharon may be supplying or removing energy, using various sounds and merging in consciousness. During merging she can bring up unconscious beliefs and/or buried emotions that are creating energetic disturbances in the client’s energy field and restoring harmony with new awareness. Gary utilizes his high frequency energy, claircognizance, and consciousness to create a safe place for deep transformation on all levels. These experiences open you to higher energy, greater vitality and empowerment. Often clients awaken to their Spiritual Gifts or understanding of their Higher Purpose leading to feelings of inner peace, joy and fulfillment. For Information about Healing Sessions, Workshops and Retreats please call 503-392-3037 or email us at IamAwake(at) visit

Teresa Roberts
Messages from your Angelic Guides.
Reverend Teresa Asher intuitively accesses the messages from your angelic guides and teachers who are supporting you without your full awareness. She reads with compassion and connects to your loved ones when asked. She lovingly assists with past life blockages pertaining to this lifetime, freeing you to live your life in more peace, joy and abundance. She also facilitates your Aura Cleansing with expertise. Private Sessions by phone or in person

BJ Schmeltzer
'BJ' is an animal psychic and has been dubbed by some as a new age Dr. Doolittle. She talks to animals and to the people who live with them, helping both parties to understand each other. She has been instrumental in counseling familes who need to deal with the loss of their pets, and her sessions can be fun, insightful and poignant.
However, BJ gives regular conseling sessions and spiritual conseling sessions on one's life path.
She has been featured on TV on the CBS 'This Morning Show' and the 'Good Evening Show'. She also does talks on radio programs across the country, and has had feature articles in well known daily newspapers and several magazines.
Tel: 503 819 0464
E-mail: animalcomm(at)

Alyse Finlayson

Alyse is a spiritual artist, clairvoyant, and clairaudient.

She has discovered that she is deeply connected to the angels and has received extensive guidance and teaching from them.

She shares this with others by painting their personal guides and communicating their messages.

This learning and sharing has become a daily practice and leads her on her path through life. Her intention is to assist us to re-member ourselves and to remind us that we are all connected through the partnership we all share
with the angels.
503 521 1473

Judith Hill -astrologer
What is an mortal animal body? What is a soul? How do their natures, interests and goals differ and why? How would one behave in the absence of the other? After answering these questions we will look at eighteen ways a soul might obviously express itself within a body. Also covered will be a comparison of religious and metaphysical traditions on the subject and status of animals and animal soul life.
A "must hear" for animal lovers and students of the spirit.
Judith Hill is a world renowned astrologer and award winning author of several books. She enjoys speaking on a wide range of metaphysical, astrological and themes.
She can be reached at: 503-234-6633.

Suzanne Ward
Suzanne Ward is a channel and author. Her telepathic connection opened ten years ago when her son Matthew died at the age of seventeen in a car accident. Since then she has received messages from him and many other sources beyond Earth, including representatives from extraterrestrial civilizations that are helping Earth through this unprecedented era. Suzie has published Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven, Revelations for a New Era, Illuminations For a New Era, and Voices of the Universe, which contain some of these transmitted messages. She will be telling us about Mattew's experience of life in the spirit world.
website for Matthew Books:

Angela Heymann
'Healing ourselves and our planet'
At this crucial time in our evolution, it is important that we engage seriously in healing ourselves in order that we are ready for the forhtcoming changes which will be taking place in our Planet.
As time accelerates, we need to face and deal with our Karma, it is no good running away as it will only follow us! New ways of doing this are being revealed, old and trusted ways are resurfacing. One of these is the Architypes of Spiritual Healing which I would like to share with you. I have been using them for the last nine years in conjunction with energy healing and they are very effective.
I have been interested in metaphysics since childhood and an active healer for 23 years.

Deborah Cross has been a spiritual teacher, counselor, healer, and medical intuitive for 20 years . She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, can see energy and aura's, communicates with many Master teachers and guides, and with loved ones who have passed over. She can see past lives, future probabilities, remind you of your soul's agreement to this life's mission, and connect your energy with Divine Consciousness.
Deborah's spiritual journey has called her to work and live in Spain, Switzerland, Holland, England, and France where she had a healing center. After returning to the US in 1996, she and her husband Gordon founded Rosebrae, a spiritual retreat center in south eastern Arizona. Deborah now lives in Pacific City, Oregon, and is available for telephone readings and one-on-one readings.

Tel: 541 520 8452
E-mail: deborah(at)


Jim Martin.
Sister Susan Kuruvilla: The stygmatic Nun of Kerela.(video and slides)
While discovering India in the late 1970's, Jim encountered the most unusual and amazing person he has ever met, Sister Susan Kuruvilla. Since the age of twelve she has been marked with the wounds of the crucifixion, and has hardly eaten or slept for over fifty years. He was reunited with
her two years ago in Totonto, and returned with a remarkable video of Sister Susan relating her life history, and of her experience of the 'pain' period in which she bleeds, enters trance, speaks in tongues and offers prayers for healing. All proceeds Jim recieves are donated to Sister Susan's orphanage in India.

Jim spent seven years travelling the world in search of places and people and mystery. He shares his experiences with healers and teachers through a unique program of slides and colorful stories.

Patrick McCool
Exploring Healing and The Oneness of life.

Patrick McCool invites you to share in his personal discoveries as to how we
are all individual manifestations of the one Beloved Spirit. In each moment our

thought words and deeds are felt through out all of creation. With guidance from Spirit I discovered that I am able to feel the life force that flows around and through us all allowing me to expand beyond the self imposed boundaries of the physical and into the all that is.
I would enjoy very much sharing my experiences with you. 
Please plan to have fun.
Patrick McCool
Energy Awareness Instructor
Reiki Master,Healing Touch (503) 521-1473

Solara Amour- Feng Shui & House Healing

Solara Amour is a Space Clearing specialist helping people to transform their life by transforming their living space. She has been a student of alternative healing modalities (physical, emotional and spiritual) for 25 years, including Feng Shui, 2nd Reiki, Rebirthing, and Yuen Energetics. My life's path has led me to working with people in their homes. I help them to remove the unnecessary things that no longer define who they are now. We talk about who they are, what their possessions currently mean to them, and what they really want and need to support them both now and in the future. If desired, I physically help with the reorganization, removal and recycling of what is being released. I am a catalyst for change in people's lives. I call it "enlightening your load", and it can be a transformational experience. Tel: (503) 284-6690